Our Drinks


Carlsberg UK Ltd

Carlsberg is a Pilsner style lager originating from Copenhagen, Denmark. Carlsberg is light, easy drinking and refreshing. The all malt recipe and Carlsberg yeast strain gives the balance between body and depth of flavour and a clean refreshing palate.


Charlie Wells Dry Hop Lager

Wells & Co.

Brewed in true continental style, we use 100% malt in the mash and add in Target hops followed by a late addition of Styrian Goldings to add that really noble hop aroma


Courage Directors

The Eagle Brewery

This premium cask ale has a strong following throughout the country. Full bodied with a clean, bitter taste, balanced with a sweet burnt, malty and fruity notes with a distinctive dry-hop aroma and flavour.


Eagle IPA

The Eagle Brewery

Made from natural mineral water from our own well, this ale has been a firm favourite around Bedford over two centuries.


Eagle Smooth

Wells & Co.

Creamy, full flavoured bitter, Eagle Smooth still retains the distinctive flavour of its regional Bedfordshire roots.


Estrella Damm

Sociedad Anónima Damm

Estrella Damm is a Mediterranean beer, made with malt, rice and hop, brewed with 100% natural ingredients according to the original recipe from 1876


Guinness Draught


Guinness is an Irish dry stout that originated in the brewery of Arthur Guinness at St. James's Gate, Dublin. Guinness is one of the most successful beer brands worldwide.




Brewing beer is a 100% natural process. Heineken beer is made from the purest ingredients.


Aspall Cyder

Aspall Cyder

Fruity, dry, racy, thirst-quenching, lip-smacking